Fresh Start Candle Air Freshener – Soyful Aromas


Fresh Start Candle Air Freshener


Freshen the Air

With a special essential oil blend of lime, lemon, and cilantro, this candle has the potential to freshen the air and neutralize lingering odors.  Great for the kitchen and bathroom.  Also great for alleviating the stale air often created by cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke. 

Customer Testimony

“I hate the left over smell of Thanksgiving and this morning nothing! I lit it right before I put the turkey in and it worked great! The candle is amazing! I need another please, my house doesn’t smell lol”

– C. Turner, San Leandro, CA.

Symphony of Aromas:

Essential oil blend of lime, lemon, and cilantro.

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Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.5 in

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